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Super Compression by Tech i-com

Reportedly most of the server bandwidth is consumed on loading web page content and transferring data from Server (back) to Browser (front) side. As a solution after researching for almost 3 months, Team Tech i-com succeed in developing an algorithm which can compress up to 77% data while transferring from server to browser side. This is not ordinary technique to reduce webpage content and spaces to decrease page size. It is uniquely designed to compress data exactly when the browser request server for the file and server responded with the data. You know the best part? Algorithm is only few KB in size!

In India where 65% data connection is slow in speed, you need to go a bit faster to reach your potential audience.
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Top 4 Prevention one must take for Home Safety

There is one report which says that House robbery is increasing day by day & even worst part is no one can catch him while robbing! At which time they came? How they done this perfectly? Where did they get data from? Ever think! Below is the top 4 points describes What not to announce while going outside for longer time!

1. Cab Driver

Suppose you are planning a trip to South India as summer is most suitable season for Refreshments! On your flight day, you called or get a cab for dropping you to airport. NEVER i repeat NEVER make that cab driver heard words like "We will be back in 10 days" OR "You locked the Door properly as we are out of town for long holiday". I am not defining all cab drivers have that kind of mentality, but this incident had happened in my neighborhood and they got their home robbed with 2 lakhs cash, gold jewelry. So please be more protective next time.

2. Puncture Repairer

If you are planning a trip by your car, i bet you will once check all your car tiers for Air. And if you have spare wheel, then you will check it to the nearer puncture repairer, too! At the time that person is checking your tire, if he hear the word while you are on call or while talking with someone "I am going out for long holiday" OR "I am not at home for some days." I repeat, i am not blaming anyone but this kind of incidents are happening and that's the reason i wrote this article. Please do not make this mistake.

3. House Servant

This type of incidents are also reported as maid or we call servant are the most known person of every corner of our home. So if you are planning long trip, just shave simple words with him/her like "We are going out but my uncle will be here & you can take some days rest" or something similar. This can secure your home from thefts. In addition you can put gold and cash into bank and lockers for more safety.

4. Facebook

Last but not the list FACEBOOK! Yes, you heard it right. There are some peoples activate on facebook checking continuously who are not at home or having party or enjoying holidays. If you post a status like On long vacation, please remove your address from profile and don't mention dates.

This above can be sign of how the gang can get information of yours when you are not at home! Be safe please and keep this points next time you plan your trip. In addition you can have our product ShieldBit - Home Alone to keep your house secure from theft and it also play emergency sound and calls you to notify someone is there! Call Or WhatsApp +91-9898672494 Or mail

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World Class Infrastructure for Hosting Websites

At Tech i-com, we are thrive to serve you the best in industry. As the same effort we have launched wide range of servers to offer you through our website with discount offers. As of now we have Single Domain Hosting, Multi Domain Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers, Cloud Servers, VPS, Data Security systems, Enterprise Emails & much more.

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