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For the accuracy and structured process, ChatBots are the perfect & cost effective way for your modern business. Bot will be auotmatically chat with your potential customers from asking client personal details to asking business interest!

  • Quick Installation
  • Messenger & Web Integration
  • Self-Learning Alogrithms
  • Easy data extractor
  • Increase Operation Accuracy


Looking for Automating your Business? Techicom has the perfect solutions for you. From automating your CRM to automating renewal payments, leads followup, track on field engineer location, filing tax returns, we have covered everything.

  • Secured Cloud Storage
  • Key to Automatize your Business
  • Spare time to Innovate

Machine Learning

Have you heared Tesla cars improving themselves in Driving, Driver comfort and navigation? At Techicom we have done machine learning projects which includes training your hardware to perform better with skills. We have trained voice assistance with 6000+ different voice tone and ascents to perform better.

  • NextGen Technology
  • Handled Complex Processes
  • Experienced Engineers

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future where the logics in coding are pre-defined. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can set-up a process of following up on referrals and leads. For example, you can assist the system to send perticular email or sms in different intervals to convert lead into confirmed project.

  • Secured Cloud Storage
  • Follows Structured Agenda
  • Helps in punctuality of your Business

Mobile Applications

We at Techicom improve our knowledge every week and we are becoming better after each mobile app projects. We can & have designed mobile apps on GPS, Request Tracking, Job Portal, Education, OTT, Restaurant, Fashion, Pharma, etc.

  • Android Applications
  • iOS Applications
  • Alexa Skill Applications

CRM & Web Development

Since our inception in 2011, we at Techicom improved our Web Designing skiils to the best of the world. Our Website always focuses more on UI, UX & Graphics as we believe in eye catching presentation. Our software & CRM solution always leaves with an open end so that in future you can add latest features or modules in same CRM. Based on Laravel & Code Igniter we develop smooth CRMs for the human to operate and execute.

  • Always on Secured Cloud
  • Key to Online World
  • Manage easily with Flexibility to Add in Future

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